"I watched a girl in a sundress kiss another girl on a park bench, and just as the sunlight spilled perfectly onto both of their hair, I thought to myself: ‘How bravely beautiful it is, that sometimes, the sea wants the city, even when it has been told its entire life it was meant for the shore.’"


Christopher Poindexter (via steftastic)

I absolutely love this with every ounce of my being.

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"If you’re gonna bail, bail early. This applies to relationships, college classes, and sledding."

- Advice from my high school science teacher, Mr. Miller (via zackisontumblr)

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I guess
I just woke up one day
and realized
your name no longer
made my chest tremble,
I fell asleep one evening
and my dreams
were free from your lips.

It seemed impossible,
for so long,
and then suddenly -
not loving you
was the easiest thing.


- m.v., You asked how I fell out of love. (via findingwordsforthoughts)

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I’ve decided I want to be cremated. Not when I die, just whenever. Surprise me.

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